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The IRS allows you to claim a tax deduction of:
a) The value of your vehicle up to $500. It is up to the donor to determine the fair market value.
b) The amount we sell your vehicle for, if the sale price is more than $500.

SIGS is a classified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. You can check with your tax advisor or accountant to determine the amount of your benefit. The deduction is of value only if the donor itemizes his or her deductions. For a more detailed overview the IRS publishes a Donors Guide to Car Donation.

Yes, the SIG is pleased to accept 6 method of real estate donation.

Yes, you can! By joining our  SIGS Champions program, you can arrange to have a donation taken each month automatically from your checking account or credit card. The Conservation Champions program accepts Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Your financial information will always be kept confidential.