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Sound Investments Group Holdings’s work goes beyond building high-quality buildings. We create a supportive, vibrant community for the residents who live in our housing and a sustainable, high-quality asset for our City partners. Sound Investments Group Holdings achieves these long-term goals through our professional property management and supportive resident services.

Since its establishment in 1984, Sound Investments Group Holdings’s property management affiliate, Sound Investments Group Holdings Management, Inc. has provided professional, high-quality management for Sound Investments Group Holdings properties and residents. Sound Investments Group Holdings currently manages 7,000 affordable rental units in more than 70 developments for Sound Investments Group Holdings and third party owners with the goal of ensuring that properties rare efficiently operated and remain an asset to and integral part of the communities in which they are built. As well, Sound Investments Group Holdings directly oversees 10,069 feet of retail and commercial space – handling lease negotiations, tenant communication, and maintenance.

Sound Investments Group Holdings takes a holistic approach to property management, focusing on four key components:

  • Human: Our focus on customer service and building communities greatly enhances the living environment at our properties. Our management and services team works collaboratively to promote aging in place for our seniors, and economic opportunity for our families.
  • Physical: We invest in high-quality design and materials at the outset and provide strategic preventative and routine maintenance and capital plans for the properties.
  • Financial: We structure the financing of all developments to assure that they are adequately funded, and provide sufficient reserves to assure that long-term capital needs can be met. All properties are thoroughly reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that budgetary targets are being met.
  • Policy/Compliance: We assure that our properties comply with the myriad of public funding restrictions that are placed on them.